Social Media Influence Over Female Fashionistas & Social Shoppers, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Social Media Influence Over Female Fashionistas & Social Shoppers

A survey of US adult female social media users who strongly agree with the statement “Fashion and beauty are extremely important to me” (fashionistas) has found that blogs and message boards are their most influential social property when making buying decisions. The study, commissioned by NetBase, reveals that 62% of fashionistas consult these platforms for inspiration before making a purchase in at least one product category.

Facebook is the next-most influential social property among these fashion-conscious women, with 56% turning to the site for inspiration in at least one of the 11 fashion categories identified. That’s not surprising given that 97% of fashionistas have a Facebook profile.

Of more interest is the influence of Pinterest and Instagram. While 51% of fashionistas have a Pinterest account, nearly all of those (49% of fashionistas overall) report being influenced in at least one category by the site. Similarly, although “only” 47% are on Instagram, 36% overall report being influenced by the site. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.