Forgotten Coupons & Abandon In-Store Purchases, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Forgotten Coupons & Abandon In-Store Purchases

Many coupon users won’t make a purchase if they’ve forgotten their coupon at home, details Google [PDF] in newly-released data. The survey, conducted in late 2012, asked respondents (who were required to have used a coupon in the last 6 months) if in the prior 90 days they had ever left a retail store without purchasing an item because they knew they left a coupon at home. Surprisingly, 42% answered in the affirmative, with another 6% not remembering.

That suggests that shoppers might be better served by other redemption methods, such as showing a mobile coupon to a cashier. But that remains one of the less common methods, according to the study. Among respondents who had used a coupon in the previous 90 days, the vast majority (90%) brought and used a paper coupon in-store. The next most common method was printing a coupon off a website or email and giving it to the cashier (69%), followed by loading coupons onto a loyalty card (from mobile or web – 59%). Respondents were far less likely to have showed a mobile coupon to a cashier (30%) or scanned a coupon on their mobile at checkout (23%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.