Hispanics’ Mobile Use By Day, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Hispanics’ Mobile Use By Day

While the average mobile consumers’ device activity varies little throughout the week, Hispanic mobile owners show a different pattern, per results from a new Jumptap report. In particular, usage among Hispanics spikes on Wednesdays, at 17% of Hispanic females’ weekly activity and 16% for Hispanic males, compared to 14% for the average mobile user. Hispanics display comparatively lesser amounts of activity on Fridays.

The study also looks at the top mobile content categories among Hispanics, finding that entertainment news is the top category, at 28% of their total traffic. Even so, Hispanic mobile owners under-index the average by close to 40% for consumption of entertainment news.

By contrast, Hispanics vastly over-index the average (by upwards of 125%) when it comes to consumption of social content (24% of the total) and texting and utilities (13%). Games (11%) and Latino channels (9%) round out the top 5 mobile content categories among Hispanic mobile users. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.