Prevalence Of Sexting [CHART]

Chart - Prevalence Of Sexting

Along with the help of Survata, Mashable surveyed 3,000 participants on what they found acceptable and polite in regard to dating in the digital age.

Of those with a phone, 61.5% of men say they’ve never sexted, compared to 70.5% of women, so the practice is hardly mainstream.

But 17.5% of singles say they have engaged in both sending and receiving sexts, and the number jumps to 25.6% for those in a committed relationship. Don’t be quick to think more established love equals more sexting, though — for married people, only 9.2% say they’ve engaged in sexting. Married people are least likely to sext; those in (unmarried) committed relationships are most likely. Read the rest at Mashable.