TV Viewers Who Would Never Act On A Commercial By Demographic, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - TV Viewers Who Would Never Act On A Commercial By Demographic

41% of TV viewers say they would never act on a commercial, regardless of the device they’re using to watch TV, according to results from a Viamedia survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Of course, even if those figures are correct (most research finds TV ads to be highly influential), the flip side is that 59% would act on a commercial – and there’s a solid argument to be made that that’s a high percentage. That debate aside, the survey results suggest that viewers who watch TV on a computer are most likely to act on a commercial.

(Acting on a commercial could include seeking more information about a product or service, purchasing a product, or other such activities.)

The survey asked viewers on which of a number of devices they would be most likely to act on a commercial, with computers coming out on top (30%), followed by a TV (24%), smartphone (21%), and tablet (21%). Only 4% said they’d be most likely to act while watching on a smart TV. (It’s worth noting that the survey was conducted online, so the results may favor computers and mobile devices over traditional TV sets.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.