US Population Estimates By Age, July 2012 [CHART]

Chart - US Population Estimates By Age

Marketers tend to focus a lot of energy on Millennials. Their lives are deconstructed on many different levels, and there’s research to be found on anything from their media habits to their social influence, to even their alcohol preferences. Those analyses are all helpful in their own right, but –  stepping back to the big picture for a moment – how many of these prized individuals are there in the US? The latest data out from the Census Bureau gives a sense of how large this coveted demographic is.

Before putting out some numbers, there are a few problems to take note of. Chiefly, there is no consensus definition of a Millennial. There are some widely accepted definitions of Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z, with Gen Y often interchanged with Millennials (guilty as charged – and why it’s always worth noting age ranges when referring to a generation). It’s also worth noting that a young Gen Xer might feel more culturally similar to Gen Y. In other words, cultural and behavioral tendencies don’t tend to have fixed age breaks. (That’s why many argue that it’s more useful to look at personas rather than age brackets.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.