Likelihood Of Mobile Gas & Convenience Store Searchers To Decide, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Likelihood Of Mobile Gas & Convenience Store Searchers To Decide

Smartphone and tablet users who search for gas and convenience store information (“gas and convenience searchers”) tend to be ready to act on what they find, according to the latest data release from the “Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study”, conducted by Telmetrics and xAd. About 2 in 3 smartphone searchers said they look to make a purchase decision immediately (35%) or within an hour (31%) of their search, with another 24% saying they’ll make their purchase that day.

Tablet users are a little slower to their purchase (which makes sense given that far fewer are searching outside of the house, per separate results from the study), but 40% still say they’re looking to make their purchase within the hour or sooner.

Interestingly, despite their intentions to make a decision quickly, only 33% of smartphone users and 31% of tablet users said they knew exactly what they were looking for when searching on their devices, indicating that most are still weighing their options and open to influence. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.