North American Mobile App User Retention By Notification Quality, September 2012 [CHART]

Chart - North American Mobile App User Retention By Notification Quality

Arguably, push notifications convey a similar sense of urgency, but the reach of push is limited to smart device users only. shopkick, an app that gives consumers rewards when they enter a store, uses push notifications in two ways—to share important news with its entire base of users and to alert shoppers when they are in the vicinity of a retail store where they can earn “kicks” (reward points). “Our push open rate is usually between 60% and 70%,” said Alexis Rask, vice president and general manager of brand partnerships at shopkick. “On a day that we send a push notification, we typically see a 100% increase in app launches.”

A study conducted by Urban Airship revealed equally positive results. A five-month analysis of 360 apps across a variety of categories conducted between May and September 2012 found apps that employed push notifications retained up to 100% more of their users compared with apps that had not used push notifications. Read the rest at eMarketer.