Marketers' Mobile App Plans, July 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Marketers' Mobile App Plans

Only 15.3% of marketers say they run a mobile-specific website, per results from Chief Marketer’s 2013 Mobile Marketing Survey, with reasons for not offering a mobile site ranging from a lack of budget (35.8%) to an absence of internal leadership on the matter (26.8%). Results from the study indicate that while barriers to mobile app adoption also exist, some 27% of respondents already offer one or more mobile apps, and another 20.7% plan to launch at least one this year.

Asked their marketing aims for mobile apps, respondents said they were looking to build frequency and engagement (69.1%), offer rich content via a smartphone (44.8%) and build buzz (44.4%).

Marketers with apps or planning to launch one tend to favor the iPhone (91.7%) as a target more so than Android phones (79.5%). Additionally, slightly more than 70% of them will create apps for the iPad. Indeed, respondents as a whole said they were more likely to target tablet users by offering a downloadable iPad app (36.7%) than by offering an app for most Android tablets (24.2%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.