Attitudes Toward Pay-TV Subscriptions, June 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Attitudes Toward Pay-TV Subscriptions

recent study [PDF] commissioned by pivot concerning Millennial’s consumption of TV content suggests that viewers stick with pay-TV or considering returning to a subscription because of an affinity for their favorite shows, while cost is a major driver of cord-cutting intent. The study, conducted by Beagle Insight and Miner & Co. Studio looked at 4 segments of TV viewers whose attitudes could signal future trends in pay-TV subscription intent.

The first 2 segments hail from the “Cross-Platformers” category – viewers who watch TV on a traditional set-top box but also stream content. Within this category, those who are loyal to their pay-TV subscription say they intend to stick with their set-top box TV viewing primarily because they like watching live TV (55%) and would miss their favorite shows (44%). “Cross-platformers” who are “straying,” though (meaning that they intend to cut the cord at some point in the future) say that’s the case because pay-TV is too expensive (54%). Ease of finding the content they want through websites, applications, or streaming is also a factor, cited by 36%, but trails cost as a motivator by a significant margin. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.