Hispanic Smart Phone Adoption & Video Viewing, June 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Hispanic Smart Phone Adoption & Video Viewing

Hispanic households are more likely the average American household to own at least a single smartphone, and they’re also more likely to be found watching video on their smartphones, per results from a recent Centris Marketing Science study. The data, collected in Q1, reveals that 71% of Hispanic households have at least one smartphone, compared to 58% of households on average. And among households with a smartphone, the proportion watching video on one in the month prior to the survey was almost 20% higher for Hispanics (62% vs. 52%).

Taken together, those results suggest that 44% of Hispanic households have watched video on a smartphone recently, versus 30% of households on average, a relative gap of almost 50%.

A recent report from Nielsen indicated that on average, Hispanic households watched 5 hours and 44 minutes per month of video on a mobile phone during Q1. That was slightly more than the population average, but lower than consumption among African-Americans and Asians. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.