Global Online Shopping Behavior By Device, Q1 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Global Online Shopping Behavior By Device

Around the world, web users are surfing the internet on ever-more devices. A GlobalWebIndex survey of 180,000 web users in 31 countries found that as of Q1 2013, three out of five respondents accessed the internet on a mobile phone, and 22% used a tablet. That’s in addition to the steady percentage of internet users—about 93%—who’ve been using a personal desktop or laptop for the past couple of years.

Google continues to dominate as the leading web brand or app among both smartphone and tablet users, with 72% of smartphone users accessing Google sites or apps vs. 66% of tablet users doing the same. Facebook came in second, accessed by about half of smartphone and tablet users—while YouTube and Yahoo! ranked third and fourth, respectively. Where behavior began to diverge was in the higher incidence of tablet users accessing Amazon, Skype, MSN/Windows Live and Bing compared with smartphone users. Read the rest at eMarketer.