Devices College Students Own, June 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Devices College Students Own

The portrait of the tech-obsessed college student may have some grounding in reality. According to the latest College Explorer study from re:fuel, the average 18-34-year-old college student owns 7 tech devices (6.9 to be precise), up from 6.4 last year. The laptop computer is the most commonly owned device, by 85% of the college student population, with smartphone penetration nearing 70% and tablets (36%) more widespread than cell phones (33%). Video game consoles are also popular, owned by roughly two-thirds of the representative sample of college students.

Given high penetration rates of smartphones and tablets, it’s understandable that devices such as the handheld game system (35%), camcorder/video recorder (25%) and e-reader (21%) have are relatively unpopular among college students. Indeed, the study shows that as smartphone and tablet penetration rates have risen, the digital camera has seen a drop-off in adoption. MP3s, while still in use by about two-thirds of college students, have also fallen out of favor, while the pace of laptop ownership growth has stalled. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.