Top Obstacles To Omnichannel Strategies, June 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Obstacles To Omnichannel Strategies

A sizable majority of retailers believe that multi-channel customers are either significantly (47%) or slightly (29%) more profitable than single-channel customers, something consumers themselves appear to agree with. But a new RSR Research study finds that despite retailers’ belief in the value of an omnichannel strategy, they continue to encounter significant difficulties along the way. Asked their top 3 organizational inhibitors to taking advantage of omnichannel opportunities, a leading 54% of respondents said they don’t have a single view of the customer across channels.

This problem doesn’t seem to be going away: last year, it was also the top organizational inhibitor, cited by a near-equal 55% of respondents.

The issue also isn’t confined to the retail industry. Results from a survey conducted earlier last year found just 17% of respondents from a range of industries saying they have already achieved a single view of their customers. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.