American Tablet Owners By Model, 2013 [TABLE]

Table - American Tablet Owners By Model

Frank N. Magid Associates surveyed households to see which tablets US consumers were choosing now that so many more options have come to market. The study found that Android tablets (including models with heavily modified Android operating systems) were in use by 59% of tablet-owning households in 2013, the same percentage that reported owning Apple’s iPad or iPad mini. Households often own more than one tablet, which is why the total reaches above 100%.

The iPad remains the dominant tablet model in homes. Just over half of households with tablets reported having one of these devices. The next most popular device was Amazon’s Kindle Fire, with 31% using the device; Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire in fall 2011 and the device was one of the first iPad alternatives to gain significant popularity. Rounding out the top models, 19% of tablet homes had a Samsung Galaxy. Read the rest at eMarketer.