Attention Online Shoppers Pay To Retailers’ Facebook Updates, June 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Attention Online Shoppers Pay To Retailers’ Facebook Updates

study of online shoppers [PDF] by UPS and comScore reveals that the vast majority of those who have liked a retailer on Facebook pay either a little attention to its updates (i.e. briefly skim for information – 52%) or a lot of attention (i.e. by reading the update as if it were from a friend – 34%). That leaves just 14% of respondents either skipping over the updates (8%) or claiming to not notice them at all (6%). While these updates don’t seem to be leading to much direct downstream traffic, per the latest Monetate data, social’s influence typically occurs earlier rather than later in the purchase journey.

Returning to the UPS study, among the two-thirds of respondents who reported having liked a brand on the site, the top reasons given were because the retailer occasionally offers special promotions for its Facebook fans (60%) and because the retailer incentivized the respondent to like its Facebook page/application (47%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.