Social Media Sites Marketing Execs Use For Cross-Posting On Twitter, Q1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Social Media Sites Marketing Execs Use For Cross-Posting On Twitter

Marketing executives who use Twitter cross-post content to the platform from various content networks, according to a study from LeadTail. The researchers analyzed the behavior in Q1 of almost 1,800 marketing executives on Twitter who work in the areas of: marketing; media planning/buying; PR/communications; and social media/community. The study shows that 27% shared content between Instagram and Twitter, 22% shared content with LinkedIn, 20% with foursquare, and 10% with Vine.

Interestingly, Facebook (3%), Pinterest (3%) and Tumblr (2%) were much less popular for cross-posting content.

Marketing executives certainly leveraged their mobile devices: 40% of the tweets analyzed (which numbered 407,192) originated from a mobile device, most commonly from Twitter for iPhone (56% publishing at least one tweet from this platform), Instagram (27%), Twitter for iPad (23%), and foursquare (20%). Only 10% published at least a single tweet from Twitter for Android. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.