Top Reasons CEOs Don’t Go Social, June 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Reasons CEOs Don’t Go Social

Senior executives whose CEOs use social media are extremely positive about the effects of their CEOs’ actions, per results from a study [PDF] by Weber Shandwick. However, many CEOs haven’t made the move to social media use yet, and the study results indicate that perceived risk is a key impediment. Senior executives with “unsocial” CEOs were asked the reasons why their CEO does not participate in social media, with almost one-third responding that it’s too risky. That was one of the top barriers, slightly behind social not being typical for the region or industry (35%), the CEO seeing no measurable return on investment (34%), and a lack of demand for the CEO to do so (34%).

In fact, two-thirds of respondents with “unsocial CEOs” believe that it is somewhat (50%) or very (16%) risk for CEOs to participate in social media. By comparison, a smaller (yet significant) 49% of senior executiveswith social CEOs find their leader’s participation to be somewhat (41%) or very (8%) risky. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.