Small Businesses & Email List Growth, May 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Small Businesses & Email List Growth

Email list growth is a constant endeavor for many small businesses, according to a survey conducted by ConstantContact among more than 700 customers using its email marketing product. 57% of respondents said they are always actively trying to grow their email lists. For most small businesses, email list growth is primarily driven by either a desire to foster repeat business (44%) or build relationships with customers (39%). About 1 in 10 say they primarily grow their lists in order to engage customers for referrals.

The study suggests that small businesses and non-profits are using a variety of methods to grow their contact lists. 64% actively ask customers directly for their contact information, although only 35% use an email sign-up sheet at the point of sale. Among those growing their lists through online tools, the vast majority (92%) collect addresses via sign-up forms on their websites, while half as many (46%) collect them on Facebook. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.