Online Streaming Habits, May 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Online Streaming Habits

survey from M-GO of streaming media consumers finds that new TV shows (that are still on the air) are their most popular type of programming, cited by 68% of respondents, with new movies (46%) and older movies (44%) in tow. That suggests that streamers are driven by a desire to watch shows on their own schedule, perhaps more so than by a particular affinity for content that can only be found online. Indeed, recent research from the IAB indicates that among online video viewers, convenience counts more as a reason to watch than content availability.

New streamers, though, exhibit a slightly different pattern. The choice of content among “first-timers” is split evenly between TV shows (44%) and movies (44%), according to the M-GO survey, with men more likely to have streamed a movie (49% vs. 40%) and women more likely to have streamed a TV show (52% vs. 37%) their first time around. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.