Mobile & Tablet Video Ad Views By OS, Q1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile & Tablet Video Ad Views By OS

Android may have the lead on iOS in terms of US smartphone market share (with the same true on a global basis), but more mobile video ad views took place on an iPhone (31.4% share of mobile and tablet ad views) than an Android phone (22.5% share) in Q1, according to FreeWheel’s latest Video Monetization report [PDF]. But that may not be the only comparison worth making. That’s because the iPad outstripped them both, accounting for 39.2% of total mobile device video ad views for the quarter, as iPad users tended to focus more on long-form content supporting higher ad loads.

In fact, 58% of ad views on the iPad were served during long-form content (more than 20-minutes) for the quarter, compared to just 27% on the iPhone and 24% on Android phones. The researchers note that “this reflects TV-style viewing habits on iPad versus on-the-go usage for mobile phones.” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.