Top 5 TV-Related Social Media Activities, May 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top 5 TV-Related Social Media Activities

Viacom and its Vicaom International Media Networks (VIMN) division have released a study examining the relationship between TV and social media usage. The study, which involved online surveys conducted in the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, and Russia with more than 5,000 Viacom viewers aged 13-49 who use 2 or more social media platforms on at least a weekly basis, reveals that viewers average 10 TV-related activities on social media on a weekly basis. The most popular of those are: interacting with friends and fans (72%); searching for info and show schedules (66%); sharing or recommending (61%); watching full clips and trailers (61%); and following/liking a TV show (57%).

For skeptics who might feel that simply following or liking a TV show doesn’t involve much in the way of engagement, the study has this little tidbit: after liking or following a show, viewers were 75% more likely to watch that show. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.