Global Marketing Budgets, October 2011-May 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Global Marketing Budgets

Marketing budget conditions have improved for the 5th consecutive month, details Warc [PDF] in its latest Global Marketing Index. The budget component of the index improved to a reading of 54.3 this month from 52.9 in April. Rather than following last year’s pattern of diminished enthusiasm between April and May, this month’s index rose to its highest value since the index’s start in October 2011. (A score above 50 indicates a generally improving environment, while a score below 50 indicates a generally declining environment.)

Marketing budget outlook remained strongest in the Americas, increasing from 54.8 to 58, the highest figure recorded by any region so far in the index’s short history. Asia-Pacific followed, with its value increasing slightly from 53.3 to 58.8. Europe fell back below the threshold score of 50, recording a value of 49.7. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.