Millennials' Preferred Purchase Methods By Select Product Categories, May 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Millennials' Preferred Purchase Methods By Select Product Categories

For all the research and attention paid to showrooming, webrooming (doing research online and then buying in-store) is actually a far more popular activity among Millennials (aged 18-35) across several product categories, according to [PDF] survey results from the Urban Land Institute. For electronics items (computers, tablets, cellphones, TV/audio equipment, etc.), 50% of respondents prefer to research online but buy in-store, compared to 11% who prefer to do their research in stores but then buy online. Similar gaps exist when looking at Millennials’ shopping preferences for shoes (25% vs. 10%), sports equipment and accessories (21% vs. 13%), and cosmetics and personal care items (20% vs. 8%).

Interestingly, a plurality of respondents in each of those latter 3 categories say their preferred method of buying them is to do both their research and shopping only in stores.

Despite common perceptions that online prices are lower than offline, Millennials aren’t so sure that’s the case. Asked how store pricing compares with online pricing for the same item, 6% said that store prices are always lower, while 7% said the same about online prices. About 1 in 10 believe that store prices can be lower, but only if there’s a sale or coupon, while 1 in 5 feel that online shopping can cost less, but only if free shipping is provided. A strongly plurality of 54% feel that it’s a mixed bag, and that which pricing is better can’t be known without research. Read the  rest at MarketingCharts.