Local Media Fans Social Behaviors By Media Type, May 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Local Media Fans Social Behaviors By Media Type

What kind of social behaviors do local media fans exhibit on Facebook and Twitter? It depends on the medium, says TVB [PDF] in a study conducted in conjunction with Colligent, that combines Nielsen Media Research and Kantar Media data with social media behaviors. The “Cultural Currency” study analyzes the social media behaviors of 167 million Facebook and Twitter users across a range of legacy media, finding that overall, local broadcast TV viewers tend to be most heavily engaged socially with their stations. For advertisers, understanding how social behaviors vary among fans of various local media is an important consideration when crafting social calls to action to accompany their local media buys.

The study identifies 9 types of social media behaviors on Facebook and Twitter. Each is outlined below, along with the relative success of various local media in driving the behavior. In each case, “fans” refers to Facebook fans of the local media outlet (such as a local radio channel), and “brand” refers to that same outlet. (The 4 media types available in local markets tracked in the study are: local TV; local newspapers; local radio; and cable TV. The study also notes that “due to various sources of programming on local TV stations, local TV is a combination of scores from fans of TV stations, fans of broadcast networks, and fans of broadcast programming.”) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.