Teens' Social Media Unfriending & Blocking Behavior, 2012 [TABLE]

Table - Teens' Social Media Unfriending & Blocking Behavior

Nearly six in ten teen social media users (58%) have blocked people on these sites. Teen girls are once again more likely than boys who are social media users to say that they have blocked someone on the sites they use (67% vs. 48%). Teens of all ages and socioeconomic groups are equally likely to say that they block other people on social media sites. However, teens who use Twitter are more likely to report blocking, when compared with non-Twitter users (73% vs. 53%).

Teen social media users who have experienced unwanted or uncomfortable contact are also more likely than those who have not to report unfriending (89% vs. 70%) and blocking people (77% vs. 53%). Read the rest at Pew Internet and American Life Project.