Carnival Cruise's Spotify Campaign Metrics, November 2012 [TABLE]

Table - Carnival Cruise's Spotify Campaign Metrics

With more than 2 million fans on Facebook, Carnival Cruise Lines has a vibrant social media presence. While Facebook has been a worthwhile and efficient engagement portal for the cruiser, Carnival is constantly looking for new ways to engage its current fans and to reach fresh audiences.

The goal of delivering valuable content in a fun and unique way led Carnival to explore advertising opportunities with music streaming company Spotify. As one of the top 10 most integrated social apps on Facebook, according to April 2013 research from AppData, and with 20 million active users, Spotify seemed an ideal destination for Carnival to provide a music-focused, social experience that would resonate with a younger, millennial user base.

From mid-October 2012 through the end of November, Carnival launched a custom music playlist called Carnival Cruise Tunes. With four hours of music content, the playlist kept to a Caribbean vacation theme. In addition to creating a Carnival-branded destination on Spotify, the cruise line also integrated the playlist on the Carnival Facebook page—both encouraged listeners to share the content with their friends. Read the rest at eMarketer.