Chart - Shopping Habits Of CPG eCoupon Users

Digital coupon users – particularly heavy users – shop more often than the average shopper, and spend more heavily when they do, details in research conducted by GfK. The study looked at 120 campaigns which ran a digital coupon on during 2012, representing a cross-section of CPG categories, and compared the shopping behavior of digital coupon redeemers with the behavior of 2.3 million households in the GfK Knowledge Networks database. Digital coupon users were found to spend 13% more per grocery shopping trip than the average shopper ($53.14 vs. $47.01) and 42% more annually ($4,295 vs. $3,035).

Heavy digital coupon users were even more active consumers. They spent 50% more than the average shopper per trip ($70.38 vs. $47.01), which combined with their 35% higher number of annual trips (88 vs. 65), led to them spending more than twice as much in annual dollars per household ($6,206 vs. $3.035). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.