Millennials Financial Difficulties, Q1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Millennials Financial Difficulties

Millennials might be a prized target for marketers, but their financial health is under fire, details Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) in its latest MarketPulse Survey. The Shopper Sentiment Index, which measures the economy’s impact on consumers and how they approach grocery shopping, remained at approximately 85 among Millennials in Q1, a level it has stood at or around for a year. By contrast, the index for consumers as a whole recovered from 94 in Q4 2012 to 103 in Q1, indicating that Millennials consider themselves to be far worse off than the general consumer.

The index is based on a benchmark of 100 set in Q1 2011. According to the researchers, a score above 100 “reflects consumers that are less price driven, more loyal to favorite brands and better equipped to maintain their desired lifestyle without changes.” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.