How People Watch TV, May 2013 [CHART]

Chart - How People Watch TV

An average of just 44% of viewing of full-length TV shows is live, according to respondents to a study from Vubiquity. However, the survey was limited to consumers with access to video-on-demand services from a cable/telco/satellite provider, meaning that it may not be representative of the entire TV viewing population. (Previous research from Nielsen indicates that around 90% of broadcast and cable primetime viewing is live.) Still, the results suggest that live TV viewing is falling victim to alternative sources of content: respondents to the Vubiquity study indicate that 22% of their viewing of full-length TV shows is from a DVR, 14% is on demand, and 6% is via an online source, among others.

The results point to the increasing trend of consumers wanting access to video content on their own schedule, a key reason spurring consumption of online video. That, in turn, can lead to binge viewing, where viewers watch multiple episodes of a show at a time, an activity that up to half of Americans engage in, according to recent research from Harris Interactive. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.