US Ad Revenues, 2013-2014 [CHART]

Chart - US Ad Revenues

The US advertising market is quite heavily affected by political spending and the Olympics (P&O), with TV particularly influenced by cyclical P&O spending, according to the latest forecast from MAGNA GLOBAL. The researcher estimates that ad spending on core media will inch forward by 0.4% this year, but that growth is a more robust 2.4% when excluding P&O revenues. That disparity also means that TV revenues will decline by 2.8% this year, but otherwise be up by 1.9% when excluding the P&O impact. Next year, when P&O spending is back in play, the advertising market will rebound, growing by 5.9%, and fueled by an 8.9% expansion in TV revenues.

P&O dollars will also drive a turnaround in radio revenues, which are forecast to decrease slightly this year (by 0.2%) before growing by 1% next year. Outdoor advertising will also get a boost, projected to grow by 5.4% next year following a 3.5% increase this year. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.