Why People Stream Online Video By Content Type, May 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Why People Stream Online Video By Content Type

The IAB has released a new research report [PDF], conducted by GfK, in conjunction with the 2013-2014 NewFronts event. As part of the study, the researchers reveal that among monthly users, network TV shows online (“TV Online”) has the same “wantedness” score as sports on regular TV, and also rivals regular primetime TV, meaning that these viewers attach a similar importance to online and regular TV content. But what motivates viewing of different streaming video types?

As it turns out, access, not surprisingly, is a key factor. For those regular (monthly+) viewers of TV Online, 32% said they like to watch older shows and episodes that are not available on TV, while close to 1 in 4 also said they stream online TV shows because they don’t have pay TV service. (“TV Online” refers to network TV shows online such as 30 Rock and The Walking Dead, found on sites such as ABC.com or HBO.com.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.