Mobile Path To Purchase, May 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Mobile Path To Purchase

Smart phone and tablets owners are extremely reliant on their devices when researching local products and services, per new data from xAd and Telmetrics. The second annual US Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study reveals that 46% use their device exclusively as their primary or default tool aiding their local purchase decisions, with the remainder leveraging other media sources such as the PC. Additionally, half use their device at the beginning of the research process, and one-third use their device throughout the purchase process.

The study examined the use of mobile devices in the banking/finance, gas/convenience, insurance and retail categories, finding that across those categories, 60% of smart phone users and 53% of tablet users reported having completed purchases related to their mobile activity. Research activity often led to offline purchases: 53% of respondents overall said they eventually made their purchase offline or in-store, with that figure rising to 74% among smart phone users. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.