Of Marketing Metrics & "Growth Hackers" (Yeah, You Heard Me), April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Of Marketing Metrics & Growth Hackers (Yeah, You Heard Me)

Marketing teams are as likely to employ a growth hacker as a product manager, suggests a new study by Ifbyphone. The report reveals that 25% of marketers surveyed indicate that their team employs a growth hacker (defined by the researchers as “professionals that combine expertise in marketing, product development and technology to drive revenue”), with these respondents reporting an above-average likelihood to track a variety of marketing metrics including conversion rates (50% vs. 41%), marketing ROI (53% vs. 40%), cost per lead (52% vs. 38%) and customer acquisition cost (59% vs. 34%).

Teams that include a growth hacker are also more likely to use a range of established and emerging technologies for measuring marketing efforts. Compared to the average, these teams are 36% more likely to be using voice-based marketing automation (72% vs. 53%), 31% more likely to be using CRM solutions (67% vs. 51%), and almost twice as likely to be using both markting intelligence tools (52% vs. 27%) and workflow automation tools (28% vs. 15%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.