Top Inbound Marketing Challenges, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Inbound Marketing Challenges

41% of marketers say that inbound marketing demonstrates ROI for their company, compared to 9% who believe it doesn’t, according to HubSpot’s newly-released “State of Inbound Marketing 2013” report. But another one-third cannot (or do not) calculate ROI. A difficulty in tracking reliable metrics may be why despite healthy inbound implementation rates and projected spending increases, a leading 25% of inbound marketers say that proving ROI is their top challenge.

That concern rises to 29% of marketing agencies, and is also higher among B2B (28%) than B2C companies (22%).

Separate results from the survey indicate that 58% of respondents have adopted inbound marketing strategies, with a further 19% unsure. Respondents’ top inbound marketing goals include converting leads to customers (23%) and increasing total lead volume (20%), with almost 1 in 4 also focused on reaching the right audience. Creating quality content (18%) and proving the ROI of marketing activities (14%) are less popular goals. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.