Online Video Ad Views, December 2011 – March 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Online Video Ad Views

Online video ad views jumped to a record high of 13.2 billion in March, up about 33% month-over-month, details comScore in its latest Video Metrix data release. To put that 13.2 billion figure in context, it means that video ads accounted for one-quarter of all videos viewed. Video ad reach extended to 52% of all Americans an average of 82 times during the month. In February, video ads had a similar reach, though frequency was almost 25% less (63 times on average).

Overall, 84.5% of online Americans (182.5 million) watched 39.3 billion online content videos in March, up from 33 billion a month earlier. The duration of the average content video was 5.6 minutes, with the average online video ad lasting 24 seconds. Given duration and reach differences, although video ads accounted for one-quarter of all videos viewed, they accounted for a smaller 2.2% of all minutes spent viewing video online. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.