Lead Generation & Conversions By Channel, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Lead Generation & Conversions By Channel

HubSpot has released its “2013 State of Inbound Marketing report,” with a host of statistics covering adoption and use of inbound marketing tools. Among the insights from the survey, 27% of marketers report below-average costs per lead (CPLs) for both email marketing and social media, with SEO and blogs close behind (25% and 24%, respectively). When looking at lead conversion rates by channel, 15% of respondents say SEO delivers above-average sales conversions, with social (13%) next on the list.

Turning to social media channels, the study reveals that 52% of respondents acquired a customer via Facebook last year, with LinkedIn and company blogs following, each at 43%. More than one-third acquired a customer through Twitter, although fewer marketers had success with Google+ (15%) and Pinterest (9%), although that is likely related to lower adoption of those sources. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.