Event Attendance Trends, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Event Attendance Trends

Recent research indicates that many marketers consider events to be of significant importance to their businesses, and that small businesses share that belief. According to a new study from the Virtual Edge Institute, attendance at physical and online events is on the rise, though that appears to be the case more for online events. Roughly two-thirds of online event products report that event attendance is trending up, with another 18% saying attendance is flat. For physical events, 42% say attendance is trending up, slightly more than the 39% who say it is flat.

With many respondents offering both physical and online events, the researchers note that there is a “noticeable overlap in those reporting physical event attendance down as well as lower online attendance.”

Asked their goals for producing online events and hybrid extensions, respondents most commonly cited expansion of reach and audience (82.1%), followed by serving constituents by providing education to those who cannot make a physical event (58.2%) and making better use of event education by making it available online (also at 58.2%).  Read the rest at MarketingCharts.