Monthly Average CTR For Q1 2013 By Mobile Device [CHART]

Chart - Monthly Average CTR For Q1 2013 By Mobile Device

An analysis of market data from real-time bidding auctions for mobile ad impressions reveals that advertisers devoted roughly three-quarters of their budgets to iOS devices during Q1 2013. The MoPub report reveals that iOS ads maintained a significant performance advantage throughout the quarter, as CTRs ranged from 20% to 53% higher on iPhones than Android phones, with iPads performing even better still.

Looking at ad spend share, the iPhone gradually ate up more spending, from 44.5% in January to 50.1% in March. The iPad saw its highest share in January (22.3%), itself rivaling Android’s 25.7% share, although the gap was wider in February and March.

Turning to CPMs, the iPad’s premium over the iPhone stood at about 30% throughout each month of Q1, while the iPhone’s premium over Android was at that level in January and February before jumping to 76% in March. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.