Online Advertising Outlook, April 2013 [TABLE]

Table - Online Advertising Outlook

Marketers plan to split their online advertising between direct response and brand advertising initiatives, with 18% of marketers focused on each, and the remaining 64% employing a mix, according to results from the “2013 Online Advertising Performance Outlook,” a survey fielded by the CMO Council, with findings developed by Vizu. But those advertising dollars look like they’re shifting from direct response to branding initiatives: 61% said they are re-allocating budgets away from direct response to brand advertising initiatives.

Indeed, the proportion of marketers looking to up their digital brand advertising spend outweighs the proportion planning to increase their direct response spending (61% vs. 53%).

Media sellers take a similar outlook: 89% expect sales growth in brand ad sales, versus 80% who believe they’ll see growth in direct response ad sales. Overall, 60% of media sellers believe that most of their online ad dollars will be generated by brand advertising over the coming year. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.