Email Marketing Benchmarks, 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Email Marketing Benchmarks

The median email click-through rate (CTR) in the US stood at 2.2% last year, and the mean rate at 3.3%, but the top quartile of performers achieved an average rate of 8.3%, according to [PDF] a new email marketing benchmarks study from Silverpop. The study also reveals that when it came to unique open rates, the top quartile of performers in the US saw an average rate of 34.7%, more than double the median rate of 16.5%. The strongest performers bested the median click-to-open rate by 83% (24% vs. 13.1%).

Finally, the top quartile of performers by gross open rate saw rates almost three times higher than the median (79.8% vs. 26.5%).

Interestingly, these US averages trailed other parts of the globe. In the Asia-Pacific region, for example, the top quartile of performers achieved a 44.6% unique open rate, while the top quartile in Canada saw an impressive 12.9% CTR. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.