Long-Term Impact Of Customer Experience, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Long-Term Impact Of Customer Experience

Bad customer service experiences are more likely to be shared than good ones, according to results from a ZenDesk-sponsored survey conducted by Dimensional Research. Separate results from the survey [PDF] indicate that not only are bad service experiences shared often, they’re also likely to have a long-term impact on customers. Respondents were asked to think about experiences with mid-sized B2B or B2C companies whose good or bad customer service impacted their behavior. Fully 39% of respondents who had a bad experience said their behavior was impacted for at least 2 years after the negative experience.

That is, asked to recall the bad experience that impacted their behavior, 39% said it occurred 2 or more years ago, while another 14% said it occurred one year ago. By comparison, 24% of respondent who reported changing their buying behavior based on a good experience said it happened 2 or more years ago. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.