Engagement & Click-Through Rates For Advanced Tablet Ads, October 2012 [TABLE]

 Table - Engagement & Click-Through Rates For Advanced Tablet Ads

At a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 8.7%, the banner to full-page ad’s clickthrough performance on tablets was more than four times greater than the static web banner. For engagement as well, the banner to full-page ad performed 127% better than the benchmark web banner.

The rich media interstitial also beat out the standard static interstitial in terms of engagement, performing 88.3% better. On CTRs, however, the rich media interstitial actually showed a slight decline, garnering a 3.3% CTR, vs. 4.3% for the standard interstitial. The pre-roll with overlay advanced ad also did not shine when it came to engagement, as compared with the standard pre-roll. Read the rest at eMarketer.