Binge TV Viewing By Generation & Gender, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Binge TV Viewing By Generation & Gender

78% of Americans have watched TV “on [their] own schedule,” and 62% of those have watched multiple episodes of a TV show at a time (“binge viewing”), according to survey results from Harris Interactive. Binge viewers are engaging in this activity more often than last year, particularly younger viewers. Interestingly, though, Americans are more likely to expect their binge viewing to decrease (24%) rather than increase (9%) over the next year. The researchers note that binge viewing has big implications for the TV industry, particularly as advertisers struggle to reach viewers who are watching on alternative platforms such as Netflix.

Binge viewing most often happens on a TV: among binge viewers, 73% said they most often find themselves binge viewing on a TV set, compared to 22% on a laptop (16%) or desktop (6%), 3% on a tablet, and 2% on a smartphone.

Overall, the survey reveals that 41% of Americans have watched TV on demand, through a cable TV provider (34%) and/or a satellite provider (9%). Notably, slightly more use Hulu, Hulu Plus, or Netflix Streaming (40%) than Tivo, DVR or another recording device (37%) to watch TV on their own schedule. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.