Mobile Share Of Search Traffic, Q1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Share Of Search Traffic

Tablets and smartphones combined accounted for roughly 24% of organic search visits in Q1, according to the latest quarterly report from RKG. Android devices contributed about 7% of visits, far behind the 17% combined share delivered by iOS devices (iPad: 9%; iPhone: 8%). As has been the case for several quarters now, Google took the lead in share of visits from mobile devices (at about 27%), followed by Yahoo (23%) and Bing (8%). The Google share includes estimated visits from iOS 6.

iOS 6 adoption grew to 83% of total Google search traffic from iOS devices, and hid an estimated 13% of total Google searches, per the report. Although the share of visits generated by mobile devices on Google was unchanged from Q4 2012, it grew by 4% points on Yahoo and 2% points on Bing. In separate results from the report regarding paid search marketing, while tablet revenue per click showed significant differences between devices, on average, it was 15% lower than desktop. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.