Chart - Broadcast TV Content Completion Rates Online By Device

Research released last week by Ooyala indicated that broadcast TV is finding a welcoming audience online, and new data [PDF] from Adobe supports that finding. Compared to the average, completion rates for TV-related content (such as full episodes of TV shows) are 12.5% higher on PCs (45% vs. 40%), 31.4% higher on tablets (46% vs. 35%), and 33.3% higher on mobile phones (36% vs. 27%). The same pattern is true for video view rates (the percentage of visits resulting in a video start.)

Specifically, compared to the average, the video view rate for TV-related content is 22.2% higher on PCs (55% vs. 45%), 29% higher on tablets (40% vs. 31%), and 36.4% higher on mobile phones (15% vs. 11%).

The study does not include user-generated video content. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.