Pricing Movitivation & Showrooming, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Pricing Movitivation & Showrooming

Two-thirds of mobile device owners say they check their device while shopping in a store to see if there is a cheaper price elsewhere, according to survey results from Linkable Networks. But what is the minimum price difference that would drive mobile owners to leave a store and purchase online instead? Study results suggest that only 5% would leave if the online retailer offered the item for at least 5% less, while a plurality 23% would leave for a discount of at least 20%.

Not all mobile owners would leave the store they were shopping in because they found a better deal online via their mobile device, though. Among the two-thirds of respondents who check prices while in-store, only 1 in 5 report having left the store many times because they found a better deal, while an additional 26% said they would maybe do so if it were an expensive item, and another 41% if the price differential were high. 14% simply responded that they wouldn’t leave the store. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.