Big Data – Obstacle Or Opportunity For Marketers?, Q1 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Big Data - Obstacle Or Opportunity For Marketers?

Big Data is top of mind for marketers across industries, but putting it to work is a huge undertaking that few have mastered. As such, most marketers still see data as both an obstacle and opportunity. And they’re well aware that they have a long way to go before truly harnessing it.

A Q1 2013 survey from CMO Council and SAS found that six out of 10 marketers worldwide viewed Big Data in this light. Taking a more optimistic view, nearly one in five respondents agreed that Big Data was an opportunity and an obstacle but believed that they were close to implementing and effectively using the resource. And another 15% said it was a full opportunity and they had all the processes and tools in place that they needed. Read the rest at eMarketer.