Americans By Race/Ethnicity, 1990-2018 [CHART]

Chart - Americans By Race/Ethnicity

Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander origin are also growing, albeit from a smaller base. Currently at 5.2% share of the population, they ought to grow to 5.7% by 2018, more than double the fractional 2.8% share they accounted for in 1990.

Obviously – no news here – this growth comes at the expense of the non-Hispanic White population, which has already fallen from an estimated 75.8% share in 1990 to 62.3% this year and a forecast 60.1% share in 2018. With those kinds of trends, it’s easy to see how the Census Bureau has forecast the US to be a majority-minority country in 30 years’ time. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.