Top Tablet Ad Models' Performance, April 2013 [CHART]

Chart - Top Tablet Ad Models' Performance

An exhaustive global study that took place over 14 months and reached roughly 1 in 3 tablet owners in the US claims to have uncovered the top 3 tablet advertising models: pre-roll with overlay; rich media interstitial; and banner to full page rich media. The study, conducted by VivaKi’s The Pool, reveals that each model generated higher recall and likability than their respective benchmarks, but were preferred by consumers for different attitudinal metrics.

Beginning with likability, the quantitative portion of the research shows that each of the 3 models generated at least 5% point lift over their benchmarks (in terms of the percentage of consumers who reported liking the ad). The banner to full page model performed best relative to its benchmark (+11% points).

In recall, the percentage of consumers recalling the advertiser for each model was at least 4% points higher than the benchmark, with the biggest lift coming for pre-roll with overlay (60% vs. 40%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.